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In this section we are pleased to share some of our completed projects with you.

To allow for reasonable page load speeds the images on this page have had to be reduced and compressed.

By necessity the images you see below are of a lower quality than the fnal processed images, but should hopefully give you a flavour of our work.


In this first example we were sent a black and white image taken in the early 1960s.

Picture quality was quite good but we were asked to add colour to the picture to bring it up to date.

We were supplied with some colour images of the same location taken years later and were able to use these to accurately colour the sea and rocks.

Here is a 1960s school photo which had been found folded up with some old papers.

The brief here was to repair the damage and add some colour.


Our first task was to remove the damage to the photo, made harder by the damage to the face.

Once this had been done it was time to add some colour.


Unlike the image above in the sea, a more subtle approach to colour was required here giving this final result.

We were also able to create a 7" x 5" image from the passport sized original.


This digital image, taken in a church with a poor quality flash was very dark and the person on the right was obscured by a large floor mounted cross.


Here is the finished version with much of the detail restored and image noise removed. We also removed the cross and completed the detail on the face.


Back to the seaside again, but this time we are in the 1950s. The image had some minor scratching only visible at higher resolutions.

The project was to remove the damage, add colour and turn the 2" x 3" original into an A4 image suitable for framing.

Once the repair was complete we added colour and, after submitting several samples to the client, were able to colour the dress to her satisfaction.




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